Our live show and our recording sessions have been completely melded almost from the beginning.

Originally, Damon ran thru a Roland Jazz Chorus 120 while Eddie used a Yamaha mixer into whatever house system was available. This caught them in some fairly compromising positions. After a particularly irritating situation, the guys settled on buying a set of Mackie powered Thump 15a speakers and a Behringer X-air 18. This setup gave them the ability to control the audio themselves and record everything to isolated tracks rather than three stereo tracks. Now the only thing a venue needs to supply is clean power and potentially a stereo input the house system (used mainly to exploit the house subs).

Around this same time Damon started delving into building is own effects and decided being on the floor sucked as much as playing thru an amp. By the time they added a second X-air 18, much of their effects were home built.

At this point, Eddie and Damon are on separate mixers running into the Mackie’s. From there, depending on the size of the venue, they can run from those or piggy back into the house system using the Mackie’s for stage monitoring. Damon has moved on to designing Eurorack style synths and effects to go into their own uniquely built road cases. To say the load has been lightened further would be an understatement, as this has saved a lot of space and little metal boxes.

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