EnD join the 8th Annual HMF!

With Covid starting to wain and both of us vaccinated, we’ve decided to break the seal on live shows and see how things go. We’ve been stewing in the basement for some time and have a whole host of new toys to show you. We’ve worked in some new instruments that not even our avid live stream audience have seen.

The fine people who run the Hamtramck Music Festival bequeathed us with a Friday August 6th slot starting out the evening at Baker Streetcar Bar at 8:30pm. Hamtramck Music Fest is a music event in Detroit’s beloved enclave of Hamtramck, August 5-8, 2021. Celebrating Metro Detroit’s diverse music community, audiences hop venue to venue via foot, car, or shuttle to experience live performances by over 150 (and growing!) bands in 15 (and growing!) of Hamtramck’s favorite bars, venues and restaurants. One $15 wristband provides three days and nights of live music for the community, with many shows 18 and up, as well as daytime performances for family audiences.