*Cancelled* EnD play Harvest 2022 at AntHall

September 10 @ 8:00 pm – $15

A protest, a celebration, a battle cry, and a plea for peace.

FEATURING: Timothy MongerDJ JoJo | EnD | Ladyship Warship | Aaron Eschenburg (sound bath) | Ommnus (doom roll) | Hans Alejandro of Switchblade Vengeance | …and many more!

About the event:
Medical Disaster Response, a non-profit that was unearthed during the early days of the Covid pandemic, has now redirected its efforts towards supplying the people of Ukraine with first-aid supplies. We have hand delivered thousands of dollars-worth of tourniquets and other supplies directly to the front lines of this war. Our vice president, Matt Mateiescu has actually relocated himself to the capital of Kyiv in order to concentrate our efforts, your donations to the precise areas where supplies are needed most. MDR is not affiliated with politics, we are purely humanitarian, sending only medical supplies and first aid, no weapons!

On the home front we should all be mobilizing for the fight of our lives, and the lives of our children. While this may seem like an overwhelming time to be planning such an event, we at MDR feel like this is actually the precise moment to stage the opportunity for a collective and public outcry of the recent crimes that are being perpetrated on all of us, as well as our brothers and sisters abroad.

Spread the word:
Medical Disaster Response Inc. is a 501.c Non-Profit Organization (MDR), EIN 46-2731886 Kevin Wayne Leeser, President, Registered Nurse, Michigan Lic # 470430044751515
North Territorial Road West
Ann Arbor Michigan, USA, 48105
Phone: 734-358-0138 | Email Kleeser@umich.edu