Live 35 is now available!

Our latest live set is now available for your general consumption below free of charge via our Bandcamp site. Due to a technical malfunction, the live mic did not pick up the room, so a lack of crowd response is to be expected in this recording. What is here is the full multitrack recording of the set. Believe that the room went nuts after the set was done, though. After you hear this you’ll understand why.

Photo credit Xaina Mulvihill

We opened the show for Skull Detroit‘s first ever Gothfest held at The Russell Industrial Convention Center on November 16th, 2022.

We would like to thank Brian and Xaina and everyone at Skull Detroit who worked their asses off to pull this together, all the acts who put on stellar performances, the stage crew who made it all happen, and everyone who came to see our set. Special thanks to Ranger Todd for working our merch table and helping to lift all the heavies.

We now present to you LIVE 35!